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The scriptures written here were taken from my mom’s King James Bible, printed in 1941, that she used for many years. It is highlighted, underscored, and notes written in the margins. It is a treasure that I inherited when she went home to be with the Lord at age 94. She taught the young married women’s Sunday School class and opened her home for a women’s Bible study every Wednesday morning for as long as I could remember. I am thankful for my mother’s desire to know more and more about her Lord, and to teach what she learned to others. I pray that I can continue to walk in her footsteps through the rest of my life and make a difference in those who God touches through me.

My desire is to honor my Lord Jesus Christ in all that I say and do. He has done great things for me. First and foremost, He died to make me clean from my sins, and He healed me from cancer in 1994.

You may ask which is the most important to me, Jesus, or being healed. My being healed was very important to me because I have been able to watch my grandchildren grow and now am enjoying great-grandchildren. But, without Jesus, I would have no hope for life after I die, which is the forever blessing that He has given to me.

Several years ago, I mentioned to a friend of mine that I never felt old inside. He told me that it was my spirit, and that was the part of me that is going to live forever. Look inside yourself and see if you can find an age. Then the choice is yours to make, choosing Jesus and all the good that He has to offer, or to decide not to choose Jesus and miss out on all He has promised.



What the Bible Says About Women

By Sandra Ray

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