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What The Bible Says About The Jewish People


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From the time of Adam and Eve, God tried to have a relationship with His people. Satan was given control of the earth by Adam and Eve when he convinced them that they would become as gods if they ate the fruit that God had forbidden them to eat. 

Until Abraham, the people seemed to grow worse and worse in their rebellion against God. Abraham honored God with his life, so God called him to be the spiritual father of His people. Then there was Isaac, and Jacob who also followed God in obedience. 

The descendants of these three are the Jewish people. Were they all obedient with their lives to God? Not at all, they are just people like the rest of us. They failed time and again as we do, but God had made a promise to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob so He stayed with them to fulfill the promise. The Jewish people were set apart to teach about God to the rest of the world. 

God set up these people to be the ancestors of Jesus whom would come when God’s timing was right. This was all planned by God from before the world was even created. 

Know dear one that I am praying for you as you read my book, that you become hungry to know the whole story, as I have only told a small part.

Blessings on your life as you travel the road of obedience that God has set before you.