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All scripture has been copied from my mother’s Bible that was printed in 1940.  It has verses underlined, and highlighted, and notes in the margins. She used this book for many years as she taught young married women’s Sunday School class, also a Wednesday morning Bible study in our home for all the women of the church. I inherited this precious book when she went home to be with the Lord at the age of 94.

In copying from the old Bible, I have changed some words to make them more understandable, plus punctuation. I have not written anything that would change the meaning of what was presented.

Most people have not read their Bible all the way through. They say it is either confusing or boring. I used to be the same way, but when I gave God complete control of my life, He teaches me something new each time I read His word.

In writing about God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit, I chose to honor them by capitalizing the pronouns such as He, Him, His, etc.

Some people dismiss the Bible as full of contradictions. Each author wrote from his standpoint on what He knew and experienced. If you and three friends go to a movie and then stop for coffee on the way home to discuss what you have seen, each one of you would remember something different than the others. These men were no different. They were people, the same as you and I. They had problems and things going on in their lives that made each one see things differently than the others. The Holy Spirit helped them to remember what they were to write down for us to read, but did not take away their individuality.

It is also believed that the Bible is strictly for the Jews. This is also not true. They were given the responsibility of teaching everyone else the things of God. They have failed to do this, but this does not give us an excuse not to learn about God and to follow in obedience to His Word, it is for each one of us. God still has His timing around the Feasts and Festivals that He set up so many years ago with His chosen people. 

This is part of the life of Jesus that has been taken from God’s Word. If I were to write it all, I would have a good part of the Bible here. But anyone who has not read about His life at all and only know of His birth from the Christmas story, and His death from the Easter story. There is much more to learn and know so you can tell others. It is my prayer that you will read this book, and then pick up your Bible and read it because you have become hungry for the whole story. You need to know how much God loves you and has planned so much as His gift to you.

What the Bible Says About Jesus

By Sandra Ray

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