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What The Bible Says About Jesus

God's Word talks about Jesus throughout the entire book. In the Old Testament, it tells about His coming someday to save us from our sins. People expected Him to come, riding a white horse and wearing royal robes, and taking the seat of authority in the Temple. He came as a baby, born in a barn, and raised as a carpenter's son.
His ministry was as a servant, training servants. He taught them what they were to teach others with Himself as the foundation of their faith. He taught with authority and knowledge, which caused jealousy among the religious leaders, and they plotted to kill him. They thought they won when He was hanging on that cross, but that was the reason why He came. To hang on that cross and die to save us from our sins, as it was told throughout the Old Testament.
The story doesn't end there. He didn't stay in that grave! He rose up from the dead, to never die again. After visiting with friends and family for a number of days, He went back into heaven, and will return riding a white horse, wearing His royal robes, and will take His seat of authority and rule forevermore.
This book only tells part of the story. I pray that you will read God's Word for yourself and learn what God wants you to know from those precious pages. They were not written in highly educated words, they were written by fishermen, and other simple men who knew and loved their Lord and wanted others to know Him too.





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