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Author Sandra Ray

I was raised in a Christian home as the sixth of seven children. With three older sisters and two older brothers, I enjoyed being the “baby” sister – which I was called until I was in my 40’s.

I asked Christ into my life at the age of 23 after thinking I was home free because I had joined the church at age10, but I always felt that I was missing something important until I realized that Jesus wasn’t going to come in to my life unless I asked.

I married Bill right out of high school and proceeded to raise five children. How I love being a mother! They all have grown and have given me grandchildren – and they have grown and given me great-grandchildren. How blessed I am.

God healed me of cancer in 1994. When I was waking from surgery, He told me that my next breath and my next heartbeat were in His hands. Of course this is true for each one of us, but to hear it made me think much differently about life from that day forward. My life now, is focused on what He wants me to do, and I have felt led to write about what He has been teaching me.