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Basic Family & Friends Package

Thank you for choosing Stone Creek Christian Ministries! If you have been led to this page, it means you are a family member or friend of one of our staff and we are pleased that you chose our company to represent you.

Below, on the lower right column, you will find the outline of the basic family and friend package. What we need you to do, is to fill out the information on your submission forms and either email or print up and mail them to your author representative or agent. If you don't not have a personal representative or agent yet, please email and you will be assigned one.

During the registration process, an agreement/contract will be mailed to you once we recieve your manuscript submission and it has been approved for publication. This will need to be returned to us as soon as possible and we must have your completed manuscript within 15 days of the signed date on the agreement/contract.


Package Options

At the Moment we only offer the basic package (as described in the column to the right), however, we do want to offer a few other services that might suit you better in addition to our basic package. These services each have a fee associated with them, they are not free for us to acquire for you, and therefore, we have to ask a fee to cover the costs.


Library of Congress Number - $35

Copyright Registration - Books are automatically copyrighted, but not registered.

Copies of Your Book - Price depends on book size

ISBN for e-books - Print books come with ISBN and ISBN-13