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Welcome to Stone Creek Christian Ministries. As our site grows, we hope you will come back and visit us often. We do quite a number of things, which includes but is not limited to, publishing Christian works.

Thank you and we look forward to opening up our submission acceptance soon for authors.


Stone Creek Christian Ministries is a small not for profit ministry that was established to help other Christians achieve their dreams.

At the moment we offer the following services:

  1. Assisting Christian authors to become published authors. This goes from the written manuscript to, to publishing, to marketing concepts. Mainly we work with local Idaho authors, but we do work with a few authors from out of state. We also work with artists that are trying to build their portfolio who are willing to work with the authors in regards to cover art.
    The manuscript course is booked until late spring. For inquiries about upcoming courses, you can contact our Inquiries Department HERE.
  2. Financial freedom through Christian based teachings using Financial Peace University. ~NEW~
    If you are looking to give your budget a serious overhaul, or if you are tired of never having any money, or cannot figure out where it is all going every time you get paid, or perhaps you simply want to do more with it, then this class is for you! From learning to budget to make the most from each paycheck, to getting out of debt, to finding those places where your money is not being spent the most efficiently, to planning for your future - this informative seven-week course covers it all.
  3. More to come...